Steering Wheel Radio Controls, 2003 MG-ZT by melvyn106

I have an MG-ZT 190 2003 which was fitted from new with a Kenwood KRC-394 Radio/Cassette with remote steering wheel control via infra-red sender in the eyebrow above radio head unit. I started having problems where the steering wheel controls would not operate correctly. It seems to have a mind of it's own, where adjusting the volume might change the station, or change the mode etc. I assumed this could be that the I.R. sender had moved and was no longer communicating with the radio I.R. receiver. I adjusted the sender position with no success, and then thought that maybe the black sender box ( behind the radio) was faulty, I replaced this with a new one, but no improvement. I changed the radio to a later Kenwood KDC-BT6544U CD/Bluetooth radio with the I.R. sender/receiver system, still no improvement. The only thing left was to change the steering wheel controls with new, which I did - still no change!

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The controls are coded using resistance, so if the wrong function operates then there's a wrong resistance. Since you've eliminated the switches, it sounds like wiring or connectors. It could be the rotary link (clock spring) under the steering wheel too but I'd expect things like airbag warning lights and the horn to be playing up too.

So check wiring and earthing.

By the way do you have cruise control? Does it work OK?

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Thanks Duncan,
Horn buttons ok, airbag ok, lights ok. No cruise control fitted. Have checked earth etc at steering wheel when fitting new controls. Would it be possible to change the system from I.R. to 'Hard Wire'. The KDC-BT6544U fitted has both I.R. control plus it also has a blue wire coming out of the back terminating in a bullet connector with a label attached saying Steering Wheel Control.

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