Smokestone Drivers Airbag Unit. by Aurora MG

Aurora MG
I have a used but in very good condition a Drivers (steering wheel) airbag module in Smokestone. It was removed ages ago from a low mileage Mk1 75.
Not sure if it can be posted or not. I am looking for £20 for the item plus postage if this is possible.
I'm not often on forums but feel free to either post here or text/call 07944 975693.

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There is someone asking for the centre badge to replace theirs, which of course isn't available without whole airbag, so hopefully they will see this. Perfect solution if colour OK.

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Aurora MG
Lets hope so, apparently posting should be fine. All I need to do is pack it well!!

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Aurora MG

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Better not bump to hard it might go off ;)

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Aurora MG

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