Skullcap powerfold mirror motors by Trebor

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If you have powerfold mirrors the motor inside them will be different depending whether you have the bullett type ( earlier cars ) or the skullcap type (later cars )

You have probably already seen the thread on this forum about sourcing the actual gears inside the bullett motors as the motors themselves are no longer available, but this wont help those of you with skullcap mirrors

So as a spin off from the Bullet powerfold worm gear project, i have managed to get hold of a motor from a skullcap and have hopefully tracked down the manufacturer and found out that these are still in production so that is good news,i have recently contacted them to find out if any can be bought directly and will update as soon as i get a reply, the stumbling block may be the minimum order number of motors as they are used to supplying in large quantities.

The motors in your skullcaps were also fitted to older model Jaguar XJ and X type, plus Volvo on the old S60/V70 and XC70, they are not listed as a service item but it is something else to look out for in breakers yards

Later Skullcap motor and mirror



Earlier Bullett type motor and mirror


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