Sending email from a domain I own but do not have hosting on by Dave

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We've got a website set up for a small business we're going to be getting going this year (basically dog walking, sitting and boarding)

We have the domain for it, but don't have hosting for it, in fact don't need hosting for it, as the website is set up on Weebly. On the site we have a booking form and also an enquiry form, the latter of which sends emails to my own, private account with the email address of the person who's submitted it in the "from" line

We need to be able to reply, but don't want to use our own email addresses - not that we foresee any issues, but would prefer to keep any "from" info that emanates from our end linked in to our business name

Now the easiest way to sort this would be to add hosting to the domain, but as the name costs us less than £8 for two years, whereas hosting would cost around £20 a year, we'd rather not bother just for the emails! (we do have another domain which does have hosting but can't really link the two)

Any way we can have our business address show as the sender, other than by dodgy means?!

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If you can use outlook or similar you can set the reply email address however it will show what server it was routed through with the private email if they look at the message content.

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You can easily insert your chosen address into an account you have set up in outlook or whichever programme you use for mail. The problem with doing this is that if/when your intended recipient tries to reply the mail will get bounced.
I suggest you use a hotmail or similar account where your chosen domain comes before the @ , for example Many small companies use this type of address.

Edit:- ditto David as above

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I use a service called e4ward for this kind of thing. You set up a number of aliases, and these are forwarded (4warded, geddit)to whatever email you choose. They are set up so that when you reply, you reply via e4ward so the originator still doesn't see your private address, only the one they sent to. If it gets spammed, you can turn off that alias without affecting others. And I'm pretty sure it's still available, free. To see what I mean, I'll PM you a demo email address I've just set up, you can send a mail and I'll reply. Just say, if you want me to PM you.

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Thanks for the replies gents!

Didn't know you could do this via Outlook, but perhaps not a lot of use if the recipient can't reply!

Thanks for the offer Duncan. Out of interest, can you do this, so I can see what it looks like? Ta!

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They can reply to the email you specify :)

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