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Dear all,

It's been a while since I was on the forums as I bought my cdti ZTT as I was having a child. Now he is in preschool I can finally get going on the car again but I need help with a decision. I bought the car for £3300 from a guy who said he'd maintained it. It turns out he didn't. The car now has around 75000 on it and it's top spec but without traction c.

This is what I've done so far and this is now what it needs. I've spent around £4000.00 (??!) so far on maintenance, servicing, winter wheels and tyres etc.

Self - Fitted:

Synergy 2A tuning box
Pierburgh Maf
Synergy Chrome dash switch
Multimedia double din head unit
Replaced boot cover handle
Replaced all exterior badges
Fitted leds / sidelights / main beam
Fitted Underbonnet pad
Millers XFD 5w/40 oil 2x5ls
Zx1 Oil treatment
Millers diesel sport 4 fuel treatment
Liqui-Moly Diesel Purge
Fitted through flow EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) valve
Fitted BMW Pcv breather
Replaced Dashboard (Rhodium Grey)
Replaced Repeaters
Plenum drain mod and spy hole
Air intake mod

Work done by garage:

60,000m Service
MOT + full check over for condition
Air con check + regas
Lower suspension arm (FL) TWICE!
New Bonnet sensor
New radiator
New spare key
Drop links front and back
Powerflex bushes: lower engine mount / wishbone rear bushes / F anti-roll bar bushes
Top strut bearings
Coolant hose


Now needs:

Dampers + Springs
Condenser (I think)
Exhaust, drop links and top mounts
CV joints

Total around £500 + £500 labour

On top of this I have water coming into the wheel well from somewhere, the rear tailgate demist is dead (probably the window) and the wheels are buckled so I'll need new wheels. Also I need a respray on the bonnet, front bumper and front L wing.

Do I repair or just swallow my losses and try and resell? The problem is that I need to do a certain amount to resell anyway. Eg cv joints, paint. I have the money to buy another car but it's the hassle of buying and reselling + I like the car. There isn't really much else I like other than a Range Rover Sport and my son will probably trash it if I get one so what's the point?....

Help and opinions please!!

Ps. I can't find a new front left damper ANYWHERE! Rimmers out of stock. Any ideas?

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It's always a difficult decision whether to cut your losses or keep spending and one that only you can make, but the jobs now needed are all doable by yourself presumably and the bits wont break the bank, the most expensive is likely to be the respraying so cant that wait ?
If you like the car and have become to know how it works too and can get help from owners on forums such as this one it seems a shame to let it go imo
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Well, to me it looks as though you are so far in that it is relatively only a minor cost to the end.

There is always the chance that you cut your losses, sell for a fraction that you have spent, buy something else and then discover it needs money spent on it.

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Well decided to keep and repair but got a bit of a shock once I got deeper into it. Any help?: thread here:

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Regarding the suspension clunk. The replacement drop links I had seized very quickly and started clunking then groaning. Don't assume anything is OK just because its been renewed.

On an older car I chased a low speed knock for weeks or even months. Replaced pretty well everything on the front suspension before realising the brake pads were loose in the caliper. At higher speed the rattle went because the disc lifted them enough to stop the rattle.

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