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Has anybody got a software update disc for the MK3 unit which has a MG Rover sticker on the top of it and MG Rover part number as ive been told the BMW software wont go on and mine appears to be old and does not have the trip computer option on it.

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Silly question but is your def the Mk3? I recently replaced my old mk2 with a BMW Mk3 and am sure the old mk2 rover one had trip computer etc in the settings section (think the map disc was a rover 2002 one with no TMC or POI).

I suspect someone with more knowledge will pop along shortly though.

If I still have it I can try to run a copy for you??
Despite the high cost of living its still proving popular.

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Thanks, mine is deffo a MK 3, no white flap covering the cd slot like the MK 2 it replaced which just died of old age.

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The MG Rover Mk3 drive cannot have the firmware updated, this feature was deleted by VDO.

The trip computer function is a T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) option. I would start by doing a battery reset (make sure you power the sat nav drive down properly first) to see if it loads up on reboot.

Posted 18 Mar 2012, 21:52 #4 

Thanks Jake, checked on T4 with my other car and in the options it knows its got high line as had it from the factory.

Suppose I can try a battery reset. I know MG Rover did do some software discs for the units to update the firmware though but nobdy seems to have any.

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Did a battery off and on again and still not come on. So must be down to software on the MK 3.

Posted 19 Mar 2012, 00:55 #6 

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My Mk3 Rover version does have trip, but only after changing the ZCS using T4. Would like a BMW Mk3 so I could update the software but can't justify the cost.

Posted 19 Mar 2012, 13:06 #7 

But the code must only have afew diffrent digits for sat nav. They muat be no nav, low line, high and jap.

Mine had it from factory and when I had it on T4 I deselected the high line and set it to no nav and also removed single point entry. New code applie and battery reset and then it was re applied and made no diffrence.

So I dont think its down to T4 I suspect my MK 3 is an early one dated Nov 2001 and I suspect its had no updates since.

I know there is afew updates for the Rover units but nobody seems to have the discs.

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There's one bit for Hi nav, and one bit for TV that I can see in the strings. Can't see any others for Nav.

I don't know the date on my Mk3 Rover unit, but it started to show trip as soon as I used the T4 to enable hi nav.

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