Sat Nav Software BMW Mk3 - ques and probs by pob06

A quick question/request for help for the sat nav etc gurus here.

My 01 Connie SE has the standard Alpine Hi line TV Sat Nav glovebox multichanger set up and I recently replaced my Mk2 Rover CD GPS drive for a BMW Mk3, easy peasy works a treat and I quite like the split screen feature :o)

I have a couple of questions/problems though :-

1) I turn on traffic info in the settings and the TMC symbol changes from Black to Orange with an exclamation mark. But apart from the occasional symbol (a circle in a circle?) and a petrol pump symbol I dont get anything else, what am I doing wrong?.

I havent noted any option to turn on POI's etc - might be being dumb though.

I've tried without to success so far to find a user guide for the BMW unit (though I did find the guide to changing the splashscreen to a Rover one so I might do that :o) )

2) What is the latest version of the UK and Europe mapping can I get?.

I believe its a choice of Navtech or VDO mapping software, is that correct? (IIRC I tried to google VDO and it just takes you to TOM TOMs business main page). The disc that came with the unit doesnt have any writing on it to say which software, just a car print and a rover and BMW logo print, looks OEM though as it is very similar to how I remember the disc from my Mk2 GPS (Will take it out and double check tomorrow).

I'm after the latest cd that will give me up to date mapping, TMC and POI's.

3) I can only change the map direction from always pointing North to direction of travel if the scale is set at 450 yards, is that correct?.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?.

Any assistance appreciated.

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TMC only works on the earlier discs. Ive got a 2011 disc but its a Navteq so does not have TMC, the VDO ones still do I thi.k.

They come up on ebay and somebody on hear sells them to.

Unlike a TomTom I donk think the factory system displays other icons for poi's.

I dont even think it supports poi's except for the directory function with places listed. I know on map view it will display TMC hold ups with the icons.

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Map direction you should be able to change on all distances but it might need a software update.
POI's you will need a mk4 nav.
TMC you will need an older navteq disc IIRC the latest one with TMC is 2009
Unless you have a dual tuner such as the BM24 you will also need to tune to Classic FM or listen to the CD player for TMC to be on

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Cheers guys :o)

Right off to the bay for Navtec 2009 discs and to look into bm24 and/or mk4 -- I suspect I'll need to sell a kidney lol
Despite the high cost of living its still proving popular.

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