Samsung Tab S Hard Case by Mad-Monkey

I was bought a Tab S for Christmas which I'd quite like to take to work with me. Can anyone recommend a hard case that would fully protect the unit so I can literally just shove it in my bag without having to worry?

There's a couple on Google but these don't seem to have screen protection leaving the screen exposed.

Posted 02 Feb 2015, 11:39 #1 

When I worked, introduced smartphones to be used for job logging by our 50+ strong maintenance force. Started off with Airo A25s as they are extremely rugged but a bit naff. None of the sabotage that I thought might happen - they liked using the devices instead of manually filling in dockets. On that basis replaced them with HTC HD2s and housed these in Otter Box cases which seemed to protect them extremely well. I am informed that, 4 years after they were rolled out they are still surviving.

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Posted 02 Feb 2015, 12:53 #2 

I had a look at the otter boxes but they don't seem to provide much protection for the screen. It would be quite easy for the screen to be crushed in my bag. I found a Peli case but unfortunately has mixed reviews on the construction.

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Posted 03 Feb 2015, 15:33 #3