Saloon Rear Light Access Hatches. by Roverite

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My car is post project drive and therefore hasn't got the plastic inspection panels. I have now acquired a pair and have the moulded shape in the boot liner, which has to be cut out. Arctic did a wonderful illustrated fitting guide a few days ago, I think on the Owners Club forum. The problem is, I can't find it now; they did have some glitches, so it may have been 'lost', but I have done all the checks and searches. Does anybody on here know if it is still on one of the forums?


Posted 03 May 2013, 14:21 #1 

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T-Cut, that is fantastic and I am very grateful. I may have been mistaken about it being Arctic. I have just printed it off, so that I can now do the job.

Colin (Roverite)

Posted 26 May 2013, 12:57 #3