Saloon heated rear window X2 by Messenger

As title, both have fully functioning elements and full HI LINE wiring.

As you probably know these are hard to come by when you need one and some cars have even been written off by insurers due to lack of stock.

Why not have a spare and upset some flippant Autoglass customer service advisor by having your own stock! I sold some to them once for considerably more than the price offered here.

They will fit either the 75 or ZT and there is only one tint available across the entire range.
As they are fully equipped with the HI line connections they are suitable for all models with or without sat nav.

I would prefer collection. Whilst I have not had any breakages when sending them in the past the courier will not insure glass.

£150 each

Posted 02 Jul 2011, 14:43 #1