Sale of Rover 75 saloon diesel automatic by wild rover

wild rover
Rover 75 connoisseur CDT, Registration Number XX 52 XXX, midnight blue, 64460 miles mot 11 months, tax 7 months. 4 wheels, steering wheel, horn etc. Never been raced or rallyed. Three semi-careless owners since new. As fit as a butcher's dug.
Two major problems - First, lower front bumper scratched and lacquer bubbling over bumper corners. Will require £1800 to £2700 to be repaired at Walding and Gorpings, Coachbuilders to the Queen and Insurance Scammers Extraordinaire Ltd, or £24.75 for can of etching primer, can of matching: midnight blue, can of clear lacquer, some w&d 800 and a dry Saturday
Second problem, wee- red -man- sitting- in -seat -with -big -red -ball -in -his -lap, indicator lamp. Seems to have been programmed to illuminate for periods from one hour to three days within stretches of three to seven months when engine is running but always guaranteed to illuminate sometime in the four days prior to Mot, fomenting heart failure. Discussions with various automotive brain surgeons on a possible cause and paying for the T2 subliminal advanced brain wave detection for diagnosticians at £80 a whup, concludes that the recovered dylithium crystals from the starship enterprise that power these indications, may be a few days short of their half life and this may well be indicative of the problem and we will have to - - - - oh, look it's went out. ( some eejit suggested that it could be a wire connector under the seat that is loose!!!! Did you ever hear anything so daft?) Anyway, I think the matter needs to be offered to an MIT or Caltec PhD student majoring in astro physics, as a subject for his thesis. Possible cost $4000 to $6000, plus shipping.
The car was priced at £1800 but due to imminent introduction of an exchange rate mechanism, it is reduced to £1400. So it's now a very, very firm £1375. 25 (I'll pay for the spray paint. You could try lottery funding for the American physics major.) interested? for piccies and other bits of info. It's garaged near Stirling. Oh and it's got a Ron box. And a tow bar. First to view won't buy ( more precisely, it won't be sold) - we all know him -" ah'll get it fur eight hunner fur us, hen", am ah smert one, me"

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Well I think your pitch on here is unusual to say the least, and I wish you luck with the sale, but as someone who already has a 75 diesel and a ZT now running on LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) i am not in the market for another and for that reason I'm out !
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'It's garaged near Stirling'

In that case, anyone south of the border would need to buy it before Friday to avoid import duty.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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