Rover 75 V6 2.5 Camshaft Seal replacement minor oil leaks by Jeffrey

Hi, Cannot see anything specific on this anywhere. It seems to be a common issue and I was wondering if it is easy to replace these seals or is it a major exercise?
Thanks in anticipation. Regards Jeffrey

Posted 26 Oct 2013, 02:17 #1 

Which seal is leaking? All bar two require the sprockets to be removed, which is big job on the primary end and not too bad on the secondary end. The other two are end caps, you might be able to replace them without any dismantling, but even with the engine stripped down they are a pain to fit.

Posted 26 Oct 2013, 12:03 #2 

Okay, thanks. I have not worked out exactly where the leak is. I am sure it is dropping on to the exhaust pipe would this make it primary or secondary???

Posted 29 Oct 2013, 20:27 #3 

More likely to be the secondary end I think, I had a leak from that end and I think if it was worse it may have ended up near the exhaust - not sure though, it wasn't too bad when I sorted (as I had to have a go at the belts anyway).

Best thing to do is to get underneath to try to trace it. You may need to remove the battery box or possibly inlet manifolf chamber to be certain that it is the secondary end, but fingers crossed it is.

Posted 30 Oct 2013, 09:59 #4 

Okay, thanks for the info I will check it out. Also any hints on how to get an accurate reading with the oil dipstick.I must admit to coming across easier oil dipsticks in many other vehicles I have owned.

Posted 31 Oct 2013, 10:40 #5 

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