Rover 75 MG ZT Handbrake Compensator Modification by Arctic

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For Sale/Exchange.
I have the stainless steel handbrake modified compensator this will not stretch and is very reliable, it will give your car the handbrake it deserves.

This is a sale/exchange as i will need your old compensator back once you have fitted the stainless steel modified compensator, it would be very helpful if this could be finalised within a ten day period of you receiving the part.

The cost of this part and service is £23.70 including P&P i will also include a return slip and a label with my full name and address which you can use to return your old compensator back to me.

The cost of a new compensator from Rimmer Bros is £15.25 with VAT and postal costs so i am informed and will only stretch again over time and you will be back to square one.

Please only purchase if you can and intend to return the old compensator as i am not asking for a deposit but going on your trust as a member of this club.

Members can obtain the stainless steel compensator by sending me a PM or by emailing me and we can get you on the road to having trust in your cars handbrake holding on those hills again.

Once you have emailed me i will email you back with the PayPal details i will accept cheques but you must understand i can not post out until the cheque as passed, you can also pay by postal order.

PS if you find it maybe hard to keep to the ten day turnround please email me and let me know so we can work something out together, i will also send an how to fit with the email or you can click the link below.

Kind Regards

Posted 11 Jul 2013, 01:25 #1 

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