Renewing a driving licence by PaulT

Had a form through the post telling me that my photo licence was about to expire. So I thought 'have to go and get a photo done, then send everything off to Swansea and wait an eternity for the new one.

Then read the form:

If you have renewed your passport in the last 5 years a photo is not needed and you can do it on line

You can visit a post office and have the photo taken there and the information sent electronically to Swansea

or do as I thought.

So off I went to the PO and on arriving discovered that the photo card part had slipped out of the plastic wallet (by the way they no longer supply these). Cant do it without that part I was told.

So back to the office and scrutinised the form more closely and there was a box to tick if you had lost the licence and it appeared you could still do it at the PO. Quick call to Swansea and yes that was the case.

Went to another PO, presented the form with 'Lost' ticked and handed over the paper part. 'You will need to take that back otherwise I cannot process this, you have had to lose the whole lot'. So I put it back in my pocket, went inside the booth and my photo was taken signed on an electronic pad, handed over £20 for the DVLA and $4.50 to the PO for the photo and their service.

Thought back to what it used to be and what a change the electronic age has brought and the PO desperate for revenue.

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Did mine at my local PO this time last year.

£24.50 isn't bad compared to the possible £1000 fine.

As you say all very simple and took no time at all. I also 'lost' my old licence. In my case I was advised to by my local bobby. He said loads come back with the wrong info on, so best to keep your old one and compare it with the new when it arrives.
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