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Planning on selling my 75 hopefully in the near future (2001 CDT). Am going to remove the FBH (Fuel burning heater.), which I do not think has worked since I have owned the car, overhaul it and fit in the next one which will be a facelift 75.

Do coolant pipes etc need to be removed and replaced with non FBH ones if they exist. What else needs to be removed as well as the actual unit.

I presume the wiring will be present in all cars?

I think the connector changed from early to later ones. I preume that I can remove the connector from the current car without detriment.

Any problems wiring in to the new vehicle.

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I believe the wiring is in all diesels, yes. Certainly my facelift had no FBH but does have wiring, and I know of others. The connectors didn't change, but where the wires go and what they are connected to did. It depends on the version of the FBH which you can tell from a label on it.

The fuel tank piping is also present. You will want to remove the fuel pump too, and block off the feed pipe from the tank, and then the pipe from the pump at both ends (in case the new owner wants to fit one).

To fit the FBH, one of the coolant pipes is cut short, so you will have to get an uncut one, but this should be the only pipe you need to replace. You will also need the coupling, which is basically a bit of pipe with some ridges in the ends. It will become pretty clear what I mean if you can get to see a car that hasn't had the FBH fitted yet and compare it to yours. This all assumes that they weren't completely new pipes and routing for the later cars where it became an option, but certainly to fit a FBH there was no new pipework, just cutting a section out of one already there, and incidentally handily marked where to cut!

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Excuse my ignorance, but what does FBH stand for????

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Nezza42 wrote:Excuse my ignorance, but what does FBH stand for????

Fuel Burning Heater.

It is a Webasto device which burns a small amount of fuel fitted to some of the diesels to assist in heating the coolant and bringing the engine up to temperature as quickly as possible.

Can also be used to pre heat the engine (and car) so it's nice and warm when you get in on a cold day :)

Hope that helps.

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Ah, thanks :)

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