Rear Shocks On Tourer by RoberB

The rear shock absorber on the Tourer - did they contain oil?
Just asking as I have a suspicious brown slick down the side of one of mine - could it be from the shock itself, or could it be just spray from the road - will try and get a closer look tomorrow....

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Sounds like they are leaking and may require replacement.

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If you are replacing do consider self-levellers (also need the springs). Very impressed with them on mine. Try ebay for them

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To confirm, yes they do contain oil, which is why JDC says it sounds like they are leaking. It leaks up at the top and runs down the outside. Only was to be sure, is clean it off, and monitor.

The preformance is often way down by the time you notice the leak anyway, and I agree 100% with Paul about self levellers. As he says, you need to replace the springs, but this is no bad thing unless you have recently done them anyway, as they are prone to breaking at the bottom, the last half coil.

Posted 24 Jun 2011, 14:27 #4