Rain sensing wipers by PaulT

Having bought a facelift Connie SE now trying to bring it up to the spec of a pre facelift Connie SE - progress what progress.

Unfortunately, the firt owner did not specify the message centre, auto dimming mirror or rain sensing wipers. Have a solution to the first two now to try to rectify the rain sensing.

Naturally, the windcreen does not have the masked area that one with would have - does that matter?

The sensor I have has two metal pieces that are linked and what look like two sensors at an angle on either side. Is this correct or should there be a cover?

It has the 'slide either side - how does it fit to the screen or is it a case of some silicone sealant to glue it there?

Am I liable to find the cables in the roof or is it a case of making a loom (I have a small length of cable with the connectors to the unit on it.

If it is a case of dropping it down the A pillar where and how does it connect?

Any help gratefully received.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 26 Feb 2012, 17:32 #1