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Purchased a PSU off a site that indicated they had 1 in stock and 1-2 day delivery. It's now been two weeks, and the only time I managed to get through to the customer services was for them to tell me its in germany coming from the manufacturer, it'll be here Friday (last week). Well it hasn't arrived and I gave them today to deliver it and it hasn't come so when I ring tomorrow what are my choices??

Can I get a refund? Are they likely to do this if it's in the post?

Can I refuse delivery and get a refund?

The PSU was expensive but even if it turns up I don't want it as I've been told its not big enough! :(

Many Thanks

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I would tell them that as they failed to deliver within their advertised time frame you were forced to purchase from elsewhere and as a result you are cancelling your order. Not sure where you stand in law though. If you kick up enough fuss they will probably 'play ball' just to get rid of you. :mrgreen: I've worn down a few customer service departments successfully over the years!

If all else fails......read the instructions.

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Don't the distance selling regulations come into play. That is you would even be able to cancel the order and return it, after you received it (for a short time).

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Cheers Duncan, I'll pester them so long as they pick the phone up!

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David, have you bought from a shop in Germany or is this just the origin of the product?
When buying from a web shop over here you're entitled to return the good within two weeks, getting a full refund.
But I don't know about the law in UK.

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Posted 12 Jun 2010, 18:30 #5 

I originally bought it here in the UK, was told by the shop when I enquired to its whereabouts I was told it was in Germany. This was annoying as it was supposidly instock and delivery in 1-2 days. It still hasnt arrived after over 2 weeks, and I managed to cancel the order when I spoke to them in the week. However, im now chasing for my money back!! Very disappointing after my first purchase was so smooth and quick. I paid via paypal and with the c.card, so I should be covered if they take too long!

If this post makes no sense I apologise, i'm on my phone! :)

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