Puddle lights & Paul D by Dirk Pitt

Dirk Pitt
I'm trying to fit wired puddle lights. Having read some threads I saw that Paul D was going to do a How To. Paul have you by any chance been able to do a how to together.
I have not been able to find it or can anyone point me to the How to if it has been done?
Was there a way to use the door motor as right now I'm looking at removing the door to thread the wire into the car

Thank you

Dirk Pitt

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Try sending Paul A PM he has had his hands full helping Carla sort Kemit out.



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paul d

Sorry but not had chance to do the how to yet.

As some may be aware i sustained a head injury a couple of months ago which is still on going (don't you love the NHS) so with that, Life & Kermit (sorted now) it's taking time get thins done, also it's getting colder (gets to us old'uns more).

Be paitient with me & i'll get it sorted.



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You were told not to mention the head injury, great uncle disemboweler recons you got of lightly.... :D ;)

Take it easy Paul :)
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paul d
I thought the groin injury was down to him...!!!!! (OOps shouldn't have said that) But he did strike from behind Coward..!!!

I'd have got him else.



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There is no interior light switched wire in the door, the only way is through the door loom if you want direct hard wired, and the puddle lights to work the same as interior lights.

There is a open/close pulse from the BCU (Body Control Unit) to the door lock, these are pulse only and not a continuous signal. By the time you have messed about trying to do this with one door, you could have fished a wire to all four doors using nothing but a fish wire.

Remove undertray and glovebox from N/S
Revove undertray and unscrew/lower LSM (Light Switch Module) from O/S

You do not need to remove the door. The convoluted tube that goes from the door pillar to the door has a grommet at each end. Pull off the convoluted tube from the door pillar a little, pull the other end off the door, this will allow you to thread a wire through the tube using something like thin coat hanger wire as a fish. Be carefull not to poke the fish through the tube, squirt fairy liquid/water mix using trigger spray into the end of the tube to lubricate, also wipe it along the fish and the wire. It is easier to start from the bottom of the tube, you will feel the fish pass through the tube, it usually pops out near the top of the door loom plug. a squirt of fairy liquid helps the grommet ends of the tube push back into place.

Shove one end through the door, the other through the door pillar

Where the door loom passes through the inner wings there are large grommets, pull these out to grab the wire you pass through the door pillar, you will have to push the wire through these grommets either alongside the door loom or make a hole with your fish.

You can earth your puddle lights using a small self tapping screw into the door frame anywhere you choose, or splice into door loom earth. I have used the door frame on dosens of doors and had no earth problems.

Because you will have to remove the pillar trim to pass the wire to/from the rear door, you may find it easy to take your courtesy supply wire from the rear cabin interior light. Or you can send a wire from your boot and under the sill trims, that you will need to remove anyway to remove the pillar trims.

I would send the supply wire from your chosen location to each side of the cabin and splice off from the middle door pillar to the front door pillar. I prefer solder and heatshrink tube, but any good connector will do.

I recommend 0.5mm Thin Wall wire, anything thicker is a waste of time.

Be careful of how you pass the wire past the seatbelt and reel on the pillar, make sure it will not catch on the seatbelt or reel as it is extended. Use a good tape to tape it or ties.
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