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Hi all
Very pleased to find a forum, wasn't sure where to start with questions.

I'm considering buying a ZTT I've seen.
I've always secretly craved an MG convertible but since I have St Bernards I shall just have to admire those from afar!
Have always had caged Renault Trafics for the dogs but since I only ever take 2 out at a time to shows now I can't really justify having a van

The car I'm looking at is a 53 plate with 62k miles and fsh. It's at a small car dealership and the guy seems quite honest but as I'm totally untechnically minded I don't really know the right questions to ask.

I'm most concerned with reliability and safety for the dogs as I live in back of beyond.
If anyone can suggest things I need to ask it would be much appreciated

Thank you


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Welcome to the forum Heather.
What is the spec of the ZTT you are looking at? Diesel or petrol, automatic or manual, etc? 62K miles for any of these cars is low mileage.

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It's a manual petrol 2.5 190+ (I think)

I'm a bit wide eyed at possible fuel consumption but was told the 2 & 2.5 engines are supposedly more reliable than the 1.8

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The main thing to check on the V6 is that the timing belts have been changed. This is an unavoidable and essential requirement at 90K miles or 6 years whichever comes first. The cost of of this job is between £500 and £700 depending on where you go. The VIS (Variable Intake System) acctuators can also be problematic but are not a show stopper and can be had for little money.
Clutches can be a problem but no more or less than any other manufacturer.
MPG should be between 26 and 32 MPG dependant on use.
It seems that you have a reliable garage and they are providing a FSH. If they are also offering a warrantee, all the better.
Other than the above the same caveats that apply to any used car apply here.
Please remember these are not cheap cars to repair although now cheap to buy. When new the ZTT would have cost approximately £25K.
Properly maintained, these are extremely well built and reliable vehicles

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Thank you for the info, I'll ask about the belts

Fingers crossed we will have new addition by the weekend :)

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