printer help by kevin

with only knowing how to turn a computer on and off im in need of help.

whem trying to use my printer I get this pop up.

(You must add a Hi-speed usb host controller or your printer will work at reduced speed.)

how to I add one and where do I get one. :confused:

this only thing is it will not print at all.

but work fine on other computer. (not mine)

can any one help before I :angry:

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Hi Kevin,
I think it might be that your computer currently has USB1.1 ports and the printer would work better with USB 2 ports. I believe the printer should still work or you could replace the usb's internally.
Failing that I'm sure someone else will have a view. :cheers:

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In almost all cases peripheral devices designated USB 2. will be backwards compatible with USB 1.1 It sounds to me like this is a case of requiring the correct driver for the printer installed as it woks on another machine. The difference in speed between 1.1 and 2.0 with regard to printing is negligible.
If you can tell us which printer and which system is installed on your computer. We can point you at the driver download page.

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printer is a
Epson stylus dx5050

computer is
window xp
version 2002
service pack 3

hope this helps you as its got me :?

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