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Just paid for something via paypal on line and looking at the small print It appears I had entered into a billing agreement with the company.
So, unlike me, I read the smallprint.
In short it allows them to take from my paypal account for this transaction AND future transactions for any amount !!!
As this was a one time purchase I was none too happy with that so had a look at my paypal account to see I have another billing account that was active with Stubhub. In effect it appears they could take any amount at any time from my account also.
Not sure I am comfortable with that so into my account, settings, payment settings, pre-approved payments, select the merchant and change status to inactive
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Posted 06 Oct 2014, 15:19 #1 

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Thanks for the heads up Dave had a couple of those myself and made them inactive just to be on the safe side
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Posted 31 Oct 2014, 19:43 #2 

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Hi boys just read this will have to check mine asap Arctic

Posted 15 Dec 2014, 03:52 #3