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Hi everybody I am a new member (fathersoot) I have two rover 75 one is a tourer se with a problem with the parking senser ,when I select reverse it beep for about five seconds then stops can any one help please

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The long beep and stop is the way it tells you it has a problem.

Usually it is down to one of the sensors. If you switch on ignition, then select reverse (obviously engine not running) then go and put your ear really close to each sensor in turn, you should hear each of them clicking. Chances are, one won't be. That'll be the problem, and it's usually a connection problem. It's a bumper off (quite easy) to inspect the connections and wiring. There are some splices in the earth wire, hidden in the wiring in the bumper, and these can corrode.

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As Duncan says the wiring is very suspect on the sensors. If I remember it correctly they are suimply soldered together and taped over?!?

I had a problem with mine when I 1st got it, as Duncan says, having the ignition on, and engine off, and the car in reverse you can quite clearly hear a clicking from each sensor if you put your ear to each.
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