Parking Brake Mysteries by Jumper

I'm confused. It's happening more often as well. I'm renewing discs and pads all round, and wear sensors (75, 2.5, 2005). On removing the rear discs the parking brake shoes appear hardly worn, as you might expect after only 30K miles. But the inner drum is 'lipped' easily as much as the disc surfaces. It looks as though the handbrake has been used as a first choice of stopper. I've never used the handbrake until the car has stopped and I assume that's what everyone does (unless as a test at 10 mph prior to adjustment), so there shouldn't be any wear at all - or very little.

Now, have the shoes been renewed already as a result of heavy wear due to poor adjustment, or have I got this all round my neck? If the former, can I look forward to the best mpg I've ever had? If the latter, what's going wrong with me?

Posted 17 Oct 2011, 18:36 #1 

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could be the handbrake as been stretched to its limit and made the lip what click is you hand brake on now 6-7 maybe 8 if so you need the compensator mod ;)

Posted 18 Oct 2011, 10:03 #2 

Thanks for that. I've seen the How-To on the compensator now and reading between the lines am not sure that's the problem (if it is a problem!) The adjuster nut under the handbrake lever is about an inch down the thread, so more or less where it should be, and the brake is fully on at 6 clicks. It's just that I didn't expect to see so much wear inside the drum, it looks as though the brake has been on continually. I've had the car for nigh on two years now and the rear hubs/wheels have never been over-warm or noisy. Now I plan to finish the discs and pads so I can use the car (rears done, fronts to start at the weekend) and then will return to the parking brake for further checking. Thanks again.

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