Out to lunch by Dave Goody

Dave Goody
Just like to thank Martin [Chartermark] for lunch today. My wife and I enjoyed the company immensely [hardly mentioned cars] but spent a couple of hours talking about amusing incidents during travels all over the world. Very nice restaurant [we don't just have Mcdonalds in Essex]
Very good company, very good food, peeing down outside, but who cares :D . Thanks Martin, see you at Kelvedon in November.
Dave and Rosemary

Posted 01 Oct 2010, 15:20 #1 

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Thanks to both of you too,

I think we covered Russia, Italy in fact most of Europe, Japan and next time we must move on to The Americas! Where did 3 plus hours go? You never got to see the remote-controlled lights or dip switch either?
Sounds like a good excuse for a return! Irina is working on the 28th - and its her birthday too!

Rain was torrential on the way back, and when we got in, a very bedraggled Pigeon had taken refuge on our balcony. Of course it's been fed and watered, has now dried out and shows no sign of wanting to go.

Its only a young bird and may well have been an ex pigeon (or goluopsmiert in Russian) as the gale was really strong and there's nothing between us and the sea 30 metres distant.

Look forward to the return my regards to you and Rosemary,


Posted 01 Oct 2010, 21:20 #2