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Jürgen wrote:Don't worry, it's just temporary. They had to make room for the Olympics. :mrgreen:

Easy, now there is coffee on my keyboard and screen....

No wonder CNN broadcast lots of crap, there this was on TV not long ago: confused between Tripoli the capital of Libya and Tripoli the main city in northern Lebanon...


No wonder they were not able to find Gadhafi :lol: :panic: :confused:
I miss you a lot Samarkand!

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Memory tells me that the Yanks screwed up a rescue operation because they ended up in the wrong place - think it was actually the wrong country. It was parodied on Not The Nine O'Clock News with them landing in West London

"Don't think of them as problems, think of them as opportunities."
"OK, I think I've hit an insurmountable opportunity!"


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The old adage of "arses and elbows" comes to mind. :D As in can't tell the difference between.

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