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UPDATE:- ....

Further to all the other arrangements I have made (none.) I have had a word wiv the head seagull in Colwyn, and for a small fee (chip) he agreed to the following..

None of the seagulls present on the day in question will poo on a Rover 75. Mg's however seem to be an option still open to them.

Aforementioned gulls will also refrain from stealing food from any 75 owners, however, there may be a few gulls down from Blackpool on the day and they simply cannot be trusted, so we will still have to be watchfull innit..

I have also ordered an offshore wind. This is for the peeps who like to sit in deck chairs and watch the Grockles on their air beds being blown miles out to sea. The antics they get up too whilst trying to attract attention to their pending fate without falling overboard are usually hilarious, but always very entertaining..

We may even be lucky enuff to see a rescue helicopter capsize their lil craft with it's downdraft and catapult them into the freezing water. . We can only hope eh. ..

All in all it should be a fun afternoon out and we should really enjoy ourselves.. So please feel free to add your names to the list and come along on the day...

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Well Spring is here at last, and the Convoy-meeting draws ever nearer, sooo

How about we start the convoy from the Rompers car park at 1-00 PM..

Say 15-20 mins to the Hollow tree to pick up any members there..

Leave the hollow tree at 1-30 PM to arrive in Colwyn bay at 2-30.PM ish....

Things to do there..

(1) Take a trip round the Great Orme, Never done it but I think it takes about an hour..

(2) Take the A55 West for 6 miles and do a photo-shoot in and around Conway castle and river estuary..

(3) Get the deck chairs out and laze in the sun..

(4) Take a stroll on the beach...

(5) Look at the cars, and chat to other members over coffee and lil donuts (made in the lil café on site)

And anything else you fancy doing innit..............

All are welcome, this is a social event so bring your friends along if ya like...

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From 'A day by the Sea at Colwyn Bay'

(Sing to the tune of: "On Top of Old Smoky") 

The top of my lil donut
is no longer bare.
It now has a topping
I didn't want there.
I ordered my lil donut
ordered it plain,
without any toppings.
I ordered in vain.

Well, I started eating,
Then looked up in the air,
and I saw a sea gull,
which gave me a scare.
I covered my lil donut
a second too late.
What fell from that sea gull
is too gross to relate.

The top of my lil donut
is no longer bare.
It now has a topping
a sea gull put there - innit ...

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Ellow Martyn.. I have sorted the seagulls out already.. :P

New joineee Stevo snr..... :D Added to list on page one innit... :D

Posted 06 Apr 2011, 14:04 #24 

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just a bump innit. :)

Posted 21 Apr 2011, 01:38 #25 

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Gazzati will be joining the convoy from the McDonalds car park Near Mold on the A55.. If anyone else in that area (Chester ish) are coming maybe that's a good place to see us going by so you can tag on the back innit.. :D

Posted 22 Apr 2011, 01:12 #26 

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Seems Jules will be joining the convoy en route, probably at the McDonalds near Mold..

Actually I am off out in a few minutes as I want to run out to the Hollow Tree, just to confirm exactly where it is, and how long it takes to get there from Rompers..

I don't really want to have to go as far as the McD's at Mold so if anyone can give me the rough mileage from the Hollow tree to McD that would be a help..

At the moment we still haven't sorted out (A) who will lead the Convoy, and (B) who will be the tail end Charlie but both must have hands free mobiles in their cars, or a passenger of course.. Hopefully "Charlie" will be someone with a bit of know how in case of a breakdown.. *fingers crossed we wont need that*.. :)

Anyone else care to join us for our afternoon jaunt to the seaside??? :D :D

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BobGrice will deff be joining us, not sure quite where yet, but he will be along. :)

Went to the Hollow tree, location details now on the first post. :)

Posted 02 May 2011, 01:36 #28 

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Scouse1958 will be joining us at the Hollow Tree.. :)

Posted 02 May 2011, 01:51 #29 

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Bump.... :D

Posted 08 May 2011, 23:12 #30 

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Only 4 days to gooooooooooooooo... Yayy.......

*Sings* -- "Oh I do love to be beside the seaside---"

Weather forecast is good... :D :D

Posted 11 May 2011, 16:15 #31 

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There is major building works on Colwyn Bay Promenade at the present time,
all flood prevention work, but by the pier shouldn't be to busy, just er.....noisy if they are working!

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 11 May 2011, 18:47 #32 

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Cheers John.. Hopefully it wont be too bad on Sunday afternoon..

I will have a look where the river comes out first. coz I fancy some of those lil dough nuts. :D

Posted 11 May 2011, 18:58 #33 

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Scouse wrote--

>>>Hey James just bought Thomas Rover 75 S Reg hoping a friend will be able to drive it down for me to give it a good run


So hopefully that's one more car for our convoy joining at the Hollow Tree.. :D :D :D

Posted 12 May 2011, 14:05 #34 

so how many definates are going to this,

Posted 14 May 2011, 14:10 #35 

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Hi Heather. :)

I really don't know. Some maybes will come, some wont, and as with most meets a few peeps normally turn up who are not on the list.. :)

Looks like being a rather cool cloudy day so that may deter a few.. :(

Maybe a few of Jules fan club will come though. :)

Jimbo deff wont be there coz he's orf to an MG meeting down in Zumerzet innit.

Posted 14 May 2011, 16:55 #36 

we might come, depends on how Im feeling tomorrow, been suffering all week from an infected dry socket( no comments gents please )Id like to see Colwyn bay again, but will see how sore my mouth is tomorrow,if its still sore we wont come,as poorly mouth and sea breeze dont mix very well, :em: :( :( :(

Posted 14 May 2011, 16:59 #37 

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OK Heather, I hope the pain eases up for you, and to be honest, it sounds as though you should be resting at home rather than traveling across half the country..

Be a shame for you to miss it, but there is always the next one.. :)

Posted 14 May 2011, 18:34 #38 

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Arghh I wanted to post a report-pics etc of the Colwyn convoy meeting but can't find a way to to open a new topic???

Can anyone help please?


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(Site Admin)
Go here all-meets-and-events.html and scroll to the bottom of the page, where it says post a new topic. Click full editor for formatting and smilies.

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