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I sometimes go to view active topics before I log in, but recently this message appears:

Sorry but you are not permitted to use the search system."

Is this a problem my end, as non registered people may not be able to view the forum?

Just checked, same using firefox, google chrome and IE

Posted 05 Jul 2014, 18:50 #1 

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Duh,OK senior moment, works OK using Forums.
I'm a Wally :thumbsup:

Posted 05 Jul 2014, 19:10 #2 

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(Site Admin)
Not a senior moment Dave. When clicking on "active topics". You are in fact invoking a search request.
Due to the hammering we and other sites hosted on our server were subject to a few days ago. I have denied guest searches on this and the other forum. Guests can still browse the forums.
One of the tricks the DDOS merchants employ is to flood the search facility with requests, thus causing the MYSQL database to have a hissy fit. Result, your forum slows to a crawl or as in recent cases a full stop.
This is just one of many ploys utilised by these scumbags.

Posted 05 Jul 2014, 20:14 #3 

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Phew! that's a relief, I did think it used to work but convinced myself I was wrong!! :rolling:

Posted 05 Jul 2014, 21:49 #4 

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Sounds like a good bit of policing on your part Mick well done
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Posted 05 Jul 2014, 23:52 #5 

Mick, would it be an idea to show the reason guests cannot search - i.e. not being unfriendly just preventing attacks and that membership is free (but you can donate if you wish :)

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Posted 06 Jul 2014, 05:28 #6 

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(Site Admin)
Not a bad idea Paul. I'll see if I can locate the text in the relevant template and adjust it.

Posted 06 Jul 2014, 08:44 #7 

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Hi Mick

I think it should be in


if not it'll be



Posted 06 Jul 2014, 22:11 #8 

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(Site Admin)
Thanks for the pointer Dave, it's the first one, the second, adm/language doesn't exist.

I'll have a proper look at changing the text tomorrow when my brain is working.

Posted 06 Jul 2014, 23:42 #9