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Hello new to you're forum just thought I'd introduce myself my 75 is an 99 t reg cdt club not Long had car but trying to sort her out to be great again any suggestions greatly received have a few mods lined up like xenons leather etc when get knowledge of how to fit as sitting in shed at moment
Ps I'm in co. Durham

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Most welcome here.
Anything you need help with just ask, there is a wealth of knowledge available from members as well as that contained within the forum.

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I see you found us then ;) Told you it was free here :D :D
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Posted 01 Feb 2012, 17:14 #3 

yes thanks takestock cant beleive the hassle i had off others

Posted 01 Feb 2012, 18:29 #4 

Hiya Nige,i hope that sticker on my rear window helped you find the forum ;) Don't think you'll get much hassle over here,all good lads & lasses.

Posted 03 Feb 2012, 22:39 #5 

Cheers and no didn't notice sticker blind or what just busy checking that shine on car out anyway think I will spend more time over here can't do with bitching there

Posted 03 Feb 2012, 22:52 #6