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zt rob
Hi names rob from the west midlands and i drive a mg zt 1.8 120.
so how are you all?

Posted 31 May 2011, 14:21 #1 

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hi Rob , welcome along, your well situated to visit one of the meets at the four ashes i presume then :)
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Posted 31 May 2011, 15:23 #2 

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zt rob
yes been looking at itmight pop down to the 4 ashes meet

Posted 31 May 2011, 16:27 #3 

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Hi Rob,
welcome, this is the best forum friendly, civil, and completely bonkers, enjoy

Posted 31 May 2011, 16:38 #4 

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Welcome to the Community Rob,
anything you need to know just ask, all very relaxed here (and some say mad, or is that just "takestock").

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 31 May 2011, 16:39 #5 

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zt rob
Well i might be a unusual member at the moment im more or less trouble free besides a leak round one of the rear lights which may now be fixed. i have recently had a new engine fitted to the vehicle and all seems fine so far, this is my second 75/mgzt my first was a 1.8 club 75 and i just loved the comfort and ride

Posted 31 May 2011, 16:46 #6 

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Good evening Rob...make sure you pop along to the 'Mellow' thread for a chill out since your car is all good...:)

Posted 31 May 2011, 17:17 #7 

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I think most of us have more or less trouble free cars, just seems thatwe only talk about when we have a problem.

Touches wood now.....

Posted 31 May 2011, 17:46 #8 

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zt rob
I think id like the gearbox oil level checking or am i being fussy now?

Posted 31 May 2011, 17:50 #9 

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Martin wrote:Hi Rob,
welcome, this is the best forum friendly, civil, and completely bonkers, enjoy

sounds about right , welcome to the forum :thumbsup:

Posted 31 May 2011, 20:35 #10