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I have a 2003/4 75 CDTi Club SE manual saloon, with 65000 miles. I have joined, following an introduction from The Monk and have owned my car for two years. I have had excellent service from The Monk and Jules at the 75 & ZT club. I learnt to drive on a 1934 Rover 10, passed my test in a 1939 Rover 14 and have owned P4 Rovers, P6 Rovers, P5 & P5B Rovers, so I think I qualify as a 'Roverite'! I also belong to the 75 & ZT club, the Rover Sports Register and the Rover P4 Drivers Guild.

I look forward to a long association with this club.

Roverite, (Colin Gray).

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Hi Colin, very welcome and, thanks again for your support.

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Hi Colin

Nice list of Rovers there! There's been 13 in our family, from P6's onwards :D

Where are you based?

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Hi Colin! Glad you made it over :)

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Thanks everbody, for the warm welcome.

Dave, I live near Ludlow in Shropshire.

I should have mentioned that I am not on the Internet at home, but I have a laptop which I use at our free village Wi-fi centre. There is no problem with this, but It may explain why I don't always respond immediately and somtimes, may be not for a couple of days.


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