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Hi everyone.
Got into the 75 world by buying a 2001 V6 Tourer. Everything tiptop with it so far, I expect I will be picking somebody's brain from time to time when I need advice. Bet car I have ever owned by far.

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Welcome to the community.

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Hello there and welcome,

Any question just shout :)

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Hello and welcome :thumbsup:


Hey! Mick, there's this funny Ant crawling on the forum here (on the left) :whump: first thought is was on my screen but thought better when it didn't follow me over to ebay...... :lol: You got any of that forum Ant powder, does the trick I hear.

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Don't be mean that's Kandymans pet.

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Mick wrote:Don't be mean that's Kandymans pet.

just along as i don't get ants in my pants :lol: . welcome to the place and i hope you enjoy you car :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the forum and as others have said don't be afraid to shout for help when you need it.
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another person bought a 75 for there sins. upgrade and get a cdti lol. you will enjoy this car they are great , look after it , and it will look after you, have fun , you will learn plenty on this forum ...

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Welcome, if you put your locatiion in there maybe somebody local to you should you need a hand ;)
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