New Build will not boot to Windows 7! by Lightpainter

My new PC has suddenly stopped booting to Windows, it go’s to POST and then stops with the curser blinking about three lines down, I have had the installation disk run ‘Start-up Repair’ but it reports nothing is wrong, I have returned to a time well before the problem started in ‘Back-up’!
The only way I can access windows is to leave the installation disc in the DVD drive with that as the first Boot choice and ignore it when it asks to boot from that drive, it then start windows as normal.
Failing any advice that any of you can offer it will have to be a reformat and clean install again!

Posted 06 Jul 2011, 19:46 #1 

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Sounds like a problem with the boot sector. It's getting that off the CD, then booting the rest from the Hard disc, at a guess. I would have expected an error message from the BIOS though saying the disc was not bootable.

On XP, there was an option from the CD to reinstall the boot sector, and this fixed a PC for me once.

Hopefully someone who is a bit more experienced will be along soon.

Posted 06 Jul 2011, 20:01 #2 

It turned out that my C: drive was completely corrupted and eventually failed.
I have purchased a replacement and have had to start installation of everything again!

Posted 09 Jul 2011, 18:02 #3