nearside front tyre wear? by uvs166

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My front tyre is wearing on the outside edge. I would normally put this down to tracking but then it is liable to wear both front tyres. I have checked the pressure and that is all good.
Has anyone got any ideas on what else could be causing this.
Thanks in advance.

Posted 11 Sep 2013, 20:40 #1 

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I would check the bush at the back of the wishbone on that side. They are prone to splitting and this could affect tyre wear on just the one side.

Posted 11 Sep 2013, 20:55 #2 

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Thanks Duncan I will check that.It was changed for the MOT at new year but these things are liable to fail, I don't think it was a great quality part.

Posted 11 Sep 2013, 21:33 #3