Nano Boys To The Rescue (Wishbone Bushes) by Arctic

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( And on the seventh day )!!!
The lower wishbone saga i have an up and coming MOT 29th so as always i like to preper my car before i take it in for the MOT, check tyres, brake pipes, exhaust,lights,seat belts etc i i even removed the undertray as this is an advisory now.

Everything checked out ok, except the lower wishbone bushes which i knew would be an issue as they were just starting to split and i was getting a bit of vibration i knew it wwas not the lower enginfe mount because this had only been change earlier this year, in preeration i had bought some lower wishbone bushes way before.

So anyway on the 15 August i decided right lets get these bushes out of the way so i am well prepaired for the MOT in good time, yer right once i jacked the car up and had it on axle stands it became quite clear how confind and hard to remove the two bolts holding the wishbone at the rear of the arm were going to be to remove them.

So off down to the shed for my halfords ratchet spanners 18mm and what do i find NO 18mm spanner it the set i could not get a socket on the bolts because of the space or to be correct lack of it.

split rear lower wishbone bushes
















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Cant wait for the next instalment Steve and having been involved all i can say about that job is ******* **** **** * ******* !
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I can't believe there's no pictures ;)

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I cant believe you've done them in September ;) Is the tardis doing timewarp trips now Steve?
I'm not quite right you know.........

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Cockaa wrote:I cant believe you've done them in September ;) Is the tardis doing timewarp trips now Steve?

Hi Nige :lol: thanks for the heads up you will be involved in the help when i come back in time :thumbsup: what a night mare they were we know how to tackle them now but i would still not cheerish doing to many if any more at all :panic:

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kandyman wrote:I can't believe there's no pictures ;)

There are photo's have yet to up load them and finish the long story :em:

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