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What a good day at Four Ashes. Thanks to all who were so helpful and pleasant on my first meet. The session on the computer thingy (thanks Paul) gave a verdict of Olympian health (can I say that?) other than the one minor fault already suspected. Just to tempt providence, I’ll add ‘with a group of five rings strategically placed to encroach on sponsors’ deals’. Never seen so many 75’s in so many bits. All at once.

And the unexpected bonus? 350 miles round trip, average speed 62 (honest), average fuel consumption 41 mpg. You don’t see that every day from 2.5 litres. I had to stop at Tesco’s to have some petrol taken out, she wouldn’t have believed me when I got home.

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Many thanks for today. I 'enjoyed' an unexpected T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) session - garnering knowledgable advice and confirming plans for my remote global closure mod (kudos Paul and Duncan). I witnessed some sterling, altruistic work from all and met some great, friendly people. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Godfer (Sid)

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Great to see everybody, always a pleasure, and what a wonderful drop of weather. :)

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Wolves 75
Yep fantastic weather fantastic meet, lots of new faces, lots of jobs done.
Nano site updated with some photo's
The highlight for me was seeing Duncan doing Jagerbombs......:)

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Wolves 75 wrote:The highlight for me was seeing Duncan doing Jagerbombs......:)

Nice one Lyndon, I'll pop on and have a butchers.

Jagerbombs? Is this some new sexual fetish? :lol:

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Erm... new candidates for the "bruvvers grimm" I think. Did anybody see a faint likeness on that photo of Duncan and me? :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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raistlin wrote:Erm... new candidates for the "bruvvers grimm" I think. Did anybody see a faint likeness on that photo of Duncan and me? :lol:

Yep. :lol: You both look like Björn the bear.. :)

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Mick wrote:
raistlin wrote:Erm... new candidates for the "bruvvers grimm" I think. Did anybody see a faint likeness on that photo of Duncan and me? :lol:

Yep. :lol: You both look like Björn the bear.. :)

MY stuffing isn't coming out.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Photobucket = Tossers


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Thanks to everyone who attended this weekends meet and a special thanks to the crew who gave up their time , tools and equipment for free to benefit other members .

You turn up meet after meet and make them as special as they are , so give yourselves a big pat on the back and congratulations for proving time after time that there is something worthwhile for free after all
Robs Pictures at :

Robs Car Gallery

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Planning is an unnatural process, much better to just get on with things, that way failure comes as a complete surprise instead of being preceeded by a period of worry and doubt

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What a marvellous weekend ater being unable to nowt over the last month or so because of the terrible weather but boy what a change for the meet, yet again a fantastic turnout from regulars whic i would like to say great job boys all round and the ladies too whom help quitely in the back ground i noted from this week end quite a few more girlfrieds and wives are accompanying their men on these meets and get to chat and mix wonderful.

Big thank you to Marina for the bacon sarnie i received upon arrival this morning Sunday very nice and for sorting out the coffee tent etc all weekend hope you and Dave enjoy your little cakes next week ;) would not have to many though :lol:which bring me to also saying a belated Happy birthday to Dave (takestock)was that busy for got to say it Dave (Sorry) may i also say a public thank you for sorting out my vis motors and doing 75% of the fans i pushed or roped you in on loved the way you sorted out that nice little touch of no cowling cutting woud be great if they all went that way, thank you also to Dave (duotone)for stepping in as i was busy doing my stuff most appreciated as is the members them selves getting stuck in ie Brain W and Ken from Bilston.

Lyndon & Mick for the gennie that runs most of the equipment we use and there time to load this monster onto the little trailer Steve (Devlish) for is knowledge of eletric etc Robs two (woolleysox & trebore ) Flags bags meals orgainising bumper amd sensor fitting good humour etc not forgetting Duncan Dave paul on the T4 i sound like i am introducing a rock group :lol: but to be honest we are all a great bunch of guys every single person whom turns up all helps to keep these cars going strong :clap: :clap: :clap: few photos i managed to take when i arrived this morning if i have missed anyone out sorry not intentional cheers Arctic.

PS Dave (takestock) i wil pm you about that little item we spoke about or you pm me as i will need you address :thumbsup:

Arriving Sunday Morning its looking to be a nice day.

The night before-res have started to come to life ready for a good day


coffee on the brew to kick start the day forward which will turn out to be another fantastic productive day thanks Marina it was jst after this i had my bacon sarine handed to me :hail:

Moving on abit and the two Daves have the bumper off ready to transform a diesel from an 1.8fan no mean feat so Dave (takestock) takes in few more caffine kicking gulps :thumbsup:

Engine cover being removed due to seized air intake bolts on the slam panel again the tow daves and ken whom owns the car ready to get stuck in and help work on his own car :hail: this is waht the meets are all about members getting knowledge whom can then pass it on to other members hopefully.

Here we have a quick clip of Daves(takestock)ingenious way of taking the motor out the the fan cowling so no cutting required of the cowling round the A/C pipes :hail: :hail: a true thinking mans man i learn more every time i am around Dave excellent.

Its the two daves & ken again sorting out the wiring of the two fans which will be incorporated together to make on good working fan and adapted from a 1.8 petrol two speed with gold resistor to use the wiring and control box from the original diesel fan from Kens car.


About 45 mins later the fan was back on the car working as it should bumper back on and the owner Ken whom was hands on from start to finish with the two Daves pleased as punch job and meet is a good one thank you to all whom turned up see you at the next one in September Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September - 2 day meet at Four Ashes

Arctic :clap: :thumbsup:
Pearl Firefrost

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Gate Keeper
JakeWilson wrote:Should get there late morning tomorrow, my flight has been delayed from Germany so I won't be getting to Heathrow till 11 tonight. Apologies to all should a Zombie appear tomorrow.

Hi Jake and welcome back. I met up with Lewis yesterday at the Halfway House meeting and he suggested we all meet up your end if it is convenient for you? I am still on the look out for the BMW Nav drive you suggested. I see you have sold your Sat Nav. The buyer had a great deal. I can always sell on the unit I bought from Lewis and keep the original symphony if the kit you suggested comes up. Have a good rest and catch up soon :)

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Once again a cracking meet!!Big thanks to Marina for a wonderful breakfast on Sunday morning, thanks to all for the excellent advice, particularly Jake for confirming my 16:9 unit (bought cheap) was a pile of pooh,then contacting suffolk boy for me to arrange the purchase of his 16:9 unit (now winging it's way to me).
I'm really looking foward to the next one!!! My friend I dragged along was very impressed with the accumulated knowledge
that was on display, he was also impressed with the Empire beer!!
See you all at the next one.


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