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Just did the build info check on my car based on the chassis number,

Built - Wednesday, 26th January 2005 @ 12:54:29
This vehicle was the 7,794th ZT-T to run off the production line, out of 8,249
This vehicle was the 2,582nd ZT-T CDTi + (135) to be made out of 2,795
This vehicle was the 93rd ZT-T in Mica Blue (Ignition) (code: JGY) to be made out of 160 Mica Blue (Ignition) ZT-Ts.

Also born on this day,

87 75s
23 75 Tourers
2 MG Expresss
35 MG TFs
152 ZRs
56 ZSs
36 ZTs
16 ZT-Ts

Makes me wonder what kept my car at the factory until i brought it brand new in the November of 05?
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have to admit that colour blue is Bostin !
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