MG7 LED Tail Lights Ready To Order Update July 10th/2010 by RadioGuy

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Re: MG/ZT And Rover 75 LED (Light Emitting Diode) Taillights
Hello All,
Who am I and what am I doing here?
I was asked by a few members to get involved with these LED taillight for your cars and after about 3 weeks of putting it together, we are ready for you. For those of you that do not know me I am SEAN, AKA RadioGuy that is handling most of the orders for the Chinese Head Units for the Club members. And quite successfully I believe almost all will attest to.

After some searching for these Tail Lights and then receipt of samples and testing at my agent’s facility near Hong Kong, we have decided to move forward. These are the exact same lights that you were all looking at before.

Shipping will be the Most economical Via UK Airmail or EMS From Hong Kong Direct to your door.

The Pair with Bulbs Will be £158.00
Shipping Cost for 1 Pair 28£
Total 186£
Deposit £79
Balance 79£ + shipping 28£

You can order here and pay the 50% deposit. Please note that we prefer US Dollars but if you want to pay in Sterling or EURO the selection drop down box is just above the shopping cart.
I WILL be posting a list of Orders on the thread on a regular basis. If anyone does not want their handle appearing, please advise me and I will simply put Anonymous in your slot.

For anyone wanting to order a Head Unit or accessories and the lights, we will deal with that on a one on one basis but there will be a savings in shipping costs. Anyone ordering lights, and want a reverse camera or DVB-T receiver we will include them at no additional shipping charges.

I have set up a web page to make it easy. Payments will be for 50% deposits which will be refunded if we do not reach 50, (We already have 4 Commitments). Payments will be via PayPal. Bank transfer or Credit card. (Master Card or Visa)

Shipments will be direct to you via EMS/Parcelforce or RoyalPost. We do this to save you taxes. It is a little bit longer than DHL or UPS But those Private courier companies are their own Import Brokers and if they charge you a tax, then they get a fee (Which you have to pay as well). So better via Postal systems. They will be described as replacement lenses and valued at $US35.00 Each. We guarantee delivery. If it gets lost. We will replace it. I take my responsibility to the customer seriously and if anyone here knows me from the I.C.E forum, I again am sure they will attest to it. (3 Head Units were lost to UK in the “ash Cloud” and we sent out again at our cost) We have made good on 3 returns. No costs to the customer!

The GBP is better than it was so maybe it’s a good thing that it turned out this way. Here is a Link to them and ready to order on my website. The Amount is the DEPOSIT (FULLY REFUNDABLE) And we will request the balance payable when they are ready to ship.

We have been quoted a delivery time of 2 weeks
Here is the Link to Pay Deposits ... duct_id=88

Lets have Fun, I Will be your organizer and reporter and support.
Feel free to PM me, Email me at .
My MSN is

AKA RadioGuy (Now LEDLIGHTGUY too as One of my friends on here said)

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To summarize and simplify above

1/. We need to reach 25 Pces (Factory Minimum)
2/. Place your order via the website link provided Paying only 50% deposit for now. (To your advantage to pay in US Dollars)
3/. In about 10 Days we will accumulate the orders and make the Purchase based on # of deposits received.
4/. Factory Production time is about 2 weeks.
5/. We will request the other part of the payment and price will be determined based on quantity.
5/. We ship with postal Service (Shipping time about 7 Business days) with Proforma invoice value lowered and description of REPLACEMENT TAIL LIGHT LENS

Hope this makes all that Blurb clear.


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Well Folks, We tried ! We have sold only 7 of the LED lights. Indications are that the price is too high , and economic conditions are bad, even though we are cheaper than the previous thread with a better currency exchange.

I have decided to Fill the orders that we have for these lights, I will pay a bit of a premium to the factory and only order 10 Units. 7 of which will go to People who placed the Deposits. (We also have 3 Samples)

I am forced to increase the price for the balance of 5 units. But It is only to the price of the "other" thread more or less. I have changed the website already.

I am sorry for this, I am not sure , exactly what went wrong, but I really don't want to be caught with 50 of these. The "other" thread had a list showing about 94 units wanted.

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Hi Guys All orders have been shipped !

Tracking #'s sent.

Thanks ! I have a few left if anyone is interested.


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