Lost and found by stroheim

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:hissyfit: Thought I lost my spare keys again went though all jackets, trousers , suits and gave up and ordered a new set costing £150 and lo and behold today though I would wear a jacket haven't worn for ages and you guess it it was in my inside pocket. Now er indoors and myself must have gone through all my clothes and triple checked isn't that amazing I have three sets of keys now and £150 notes poorer

Posted 05 Aug 2010, 15:53 #1 

mg zt
:em: OMG Know that feeling, I lost my spare set months ago searched everywhere no joy then yesterday my lad went in the shed and pulled the bikes out and they were lodged in the chain of one of them.
Like you had already paid and received a spare which still needs programming to the car :mad1:

Posted 06 Aug 2010, 15:39 #2 

Can't be much fun growing old.

Posted 06 Aug 2010, 18:09 #3 

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Once did that with a pair of glasses.

I looked everywhere, three times. Ripped the house apart.

In the loft! Found three months later.

Posted 06 Aug 2010, 19:33 #4