Living with Breast Cancer! by Lightpainter

It has been 6 Months since my wife June was diagnosed with breast cancer, she has undergone two operations, the first was a lumpectomy to remove tissue about the size of a 20mm ball from her right breast and remove three lymph glands, after testing these it was decided that she should have a second operation to remove the rest of the lymph glands from under he right arm.

June is presently undergoing Chemotherapy treatment at the McMillan cancer care centre in the Medway Maritime Hospital.

Her first dose of treatment was so debilitating and she felt so wretched that she could not get out of bed for three days; I must confess that I never really appreciated just how much she did around the house without me knowing, that I just took for granted.

Her second dose has been much better and she was up and about the next day, probably fed up with me constantly having to ask how to do things I have never been trained for! Lol

I cannot praise the McMillan staff enough from the Consultant, Nurses and even the volunteers that make the drinks for me whilst I wait for June to have her treatment, I expected the department to be gloomy but it is a really nice place that I actually enjoy visiting, I doubt if June would agree seeing she is there for treatment but she has shown such strength and fortitude I can’t tell you how proud I am of her!

One thing, you have to put your life on hold until it’s all over and the treatment is completed!

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I hope you both come out the otherside of this with a strengthened bond between you, both my wife and i have had illnesses in the past that make you realise how much you mean to each other.

best wishes

Dave & Marina
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Dave Goody
This makes our problems on the Tinnitus thread about as important as a handbrake on a canoe! I hope all go's well for you both and all our best wishes to you both. Dave

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T'is a tough road that have my sympathy and empathy..My wife is only now completing treatment for Breast Cancer diagnosed May 2006. She is in we can hope for. :D I am assuming that she will now remain in remission for ever more what with the Tamoxifen and now the Arrimidex.... Sadly, treatment remains somewhat brutal in terms of the operations, the chemo and the radiotherapy even after all these years...strangely enough I lost my mother when I was 16 to it...she and my wife shared the same 'variety', in the same breast, at the same age (36)....this time around I was in a position to do plenty about it having previous experience! :D The hospitals are well geared up for it now and their success rate is massively improved...I wish you both all the best...

Now, what was that you were saying Dave?.... :)

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All my best and sincere wishes to your wife and yourself Peter. Be strong both of you.
I miss you a lot Samarkand!

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I don't know you Peter but our thoughts and wishes are with you both.

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