Light Oak Gear Knob (Refub Project) by Arctic

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I have forsale a light oak gear knob from my conni which needs a bit of refurbing, nice project for someone it is chipped and also as cracks easy job for some whom is handy with wood,as the crome collar base and fits nice and tight i changed mine sometime back and only found this while cleaning out my shed. Take a look at the photo's below only £24.99 including postage.

Note the crazing/cracking fig 1

All the figs 2/5 are taken outside to give you the true colour of the gear knob.

This photo fig3 shows the chip that is missing at the front size is 8mm x 8mm

Fig 4 showing the crome collar and internal fixing all in good order.

Fig 5 showing the gear change order and size 4" in height

fig 6 showing the contrast between a lighter wood to the light Oak of the gear knob

These can be refurbed stained and polished up someone as already refurbed one of these and now has it for sale on fleabay, nice job too.

Posted 20 May 2011, 08:15 #1