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Brakes. Important things they is.

I need some new ones. Well, partially. Rear pads have been changed with OEM-spec ones and I've always found the OEM brakes to feel very nice. Now, a front set of OEM pads for a 190 is quite a lot (circa £70 I'm told). Mintex offer pattern replacements but at a fraction of the cost but I'm told they don't have quite the same 'bite' to them as the OEM versions. This would lead me to stick to OEM but I'm keen to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject and their experiences with different pads, such as EBC and the like.

Posted 20 Oct 2010, 19:35 #1 

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Well I run EBC yellowstuff all round on the V8 and VERY happy with them. Not a lot of brake dust, work well from cold, excellent braking performance

Posted 20 Oct 2010, 22:37 #2 

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Ragman wrote:Well I run EBC yellowstuff all round on the V8 and VERY happy with them. Not a lot of brake dust, work well from cold, excellent braking performance

Am thinking yellowstuff will be considerably dearer than oem though.

Also, anything EBC will eat oem discs, but the braking performance of EBC I have always found to be excellent.

I have Mintex discs and pads on the rear of mine and Girling on the front. Braking is good, but not excellent.
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Posted 21 Oct 2010, 11:22 #3 

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Not impressed with Mintex on the rear.
Discs wore very uneven quite quickly and coming up for MOT feel an advisory coming up.
Not had a problem with OEM in past and will be going back to them.

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Posted 22 Oct 2010, 18:29 #4 

have Mintex pads and discs all rould, which work well,
but then I dont do the mileage jhon dose and only have a 1.8.

Posted 22 Oct 2010, 19:51 #5 

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I have OEM all round, and frankly, this car stops better than any car I prev owned! the brakes are brilliant. Not that I like stopping you understand, in fact, I don't even like slowing down! :roll: :lol:

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It's not so much the fact I don't want OEM brakes - it's more to do with the fact that the OEM pads are quite expensive compared to others on the market. It's only the front pads I need but discs all-round would be a nice fit whilst the wheels are off. Something nice and pretty to look at like drilled/grooved discs :D

Posted 23 Oct 2010, 18:15 #7 

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My 190 needs new disks...after 30,000 miles.....the MOT man says the pads are like new however.... :? It stops brilliantly.. :thumbsup:

Simon, I have been searching me garage for the box the V8's disks came in but I have yet to lay my hands on it.....deffo German though...

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No worries Zeb if you can't find them. I've got my eye on a set of EBC discs at the moment but I'm still "in the market" as it were so still open to suggestions and advice from all :)

Posted 23 Oct 2010, 20:48 #9 

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Drilled/grooved disks eat pads for fun! :roll:

Posted 23 Oct 2010, 21:48 #10