Killed my Mk4 with a map CD? by Bolin

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Hi all, think I've killed my MK4 :(

I had a spare map CD lying about from a few years ago, just a copy on a CD-R. I seemed to remember that it didn't work in my old Rover Mk3 so I popped it into my Mk4 to see if it did indeed work or not.

It took a long time saying 'please wait', and I might have popped it out and back in again, then eventually it said 'loading software' :o :hissyfit:

I tried to eject it but it wouldn't :( I think I tried turning the ignition off and back on to stop it, eventually it said something like 'warning - error on CD-rom, please insert correct one' and press OK to continue, which I did.

After this I managed to get the CD out, or it ejected itself, but the nav computer no longer appears on the screen, which has gone to the back-up graphics in the video module :cry:

I think I did see the red light on after the CD ejected, but it hasn't come on since, although the button does light up. It does accept and eject discs.

Is my Mk4 now bricked due to a dodgy map CD or can it be fixed with a software reload? :prayer:

Help please! :hail:

Ta, Bolin.

Posted 30 Oct 2015, 17:53 #1 

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I can't see a map CD doing that, but then maybe it wasn't actually a map CD?

Posted 30 Oct 2015, 19:23 #2 

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The sat-nav is able to update its internal software (firmware) by using a special CD. Maybe you didn't wait long enough or that CD-R containes an incompatible software version for an older hardware. In the worst case interrupting a firmware update can render the device useless. But it's certainly worth a try to do it again using the correct firmware, if you can get hold of it.

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Posted 30 Oct 2015, 19:54 #3 

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Hmm... I'm considering using a 2015 map DVD from a Jaguar XE to see if it will run in my S-Type. Now I'm a bit concerned.

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Posted 30 Oct 2015, 19:58 #4 

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Yes a SW CD could do this, but not a map CD surely?

Posted 30 Oct 2015, 21:16 #5 

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As Duncan said, it looks like the CD was a software update disc.
It might be a duff disc or your laser is on the way out.
Do you have another software update disc that you know works, that you can try.
The units are usually recoverable as long as your laser is working ok.

Posted 02 Nov 2015, 13:52 #6 

Thanks folks, the CD which said "2009-10 MAPS" turned out to have firmware files on it, so given the labeling error I suspect it is a dodgy disk. I now need v31 or earlier to try to fix it.

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Posted 19 Nov 2015, 06:34 #7 

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Did you get this sorted?

Posted 26 Dec 2015, 21:43 #8 

Nope, not yet - using a spare drive at the mo.

Need to source a genuine BMW update disc, v31 or earlier.

The drive had been a bit iffy reading the only DVD I have (a copied disc, which looks visibly dodgy on the underside), particularly on reading the gazetteer - but so has my spare drive, so I think that was due to the iffy-looking DVD rather than the laser. And I believe CDs are read by a separate laser, so there shouldn't be a problem doing the update from a CD (the drive had no problem reading a map CD).

Posted 27 Dec 2015, 00:40 #9 

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Yes, on the Mk4, they can stop reading DVDs but still read CDs OK. I'm not sure if its a separate laser in the same head, or just that CDs are less demanding. In any case the test to see if the laser assembly needs renewing when it won't read a DVD is to put in a CD map in. If its then happy, a new laser is needed. Available from around £20 I seem to remember.

Posted 27 Dec 2015, 18:50 #10 

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Only the one laser, the DVD Nav disc is a dual layer disc so needs the laser to be good, you get similar issues on Xbox and Playstation lasers with some games being more demanding than others.
I will have a look through my collection of update discs and see what I have.

Posted 27 Dec 2015, 20:22 #11 

Ah I see now - I think it is more likely to be the visibly iffy DVD than both MK4's having dodgy lasers (well I hope so anyway!). I need to try another DVD to prove where the fault lies.

MN190 - thank you, if you do find a genuine V31 or earlier I would be extremely grateful if you could let me borrow it (I will pay for postage).

Posted 27 Dec 2015, 21:18 #12 

Just a thought, would a modified version of the software with a higher number work just as well in the attempt to recover the drive as a genuine BMW disc with a lower number?

Posted 16 Jan 2016, 18:03 #13 

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Yes that would work

Posted 19 Jan 2016, 13:09 #14 

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Not sure if you got this sorted but I have the earlier and latest versions of the software.
The latest on the MK4 will then allow speed cameras, night/day, 3D map view and quiet a few other things.
If the unit is buggered loading new software won't make it worse of course, but if you know what version was loading, you need a earlier version first then when loaded update to the latest version.
If you require these discs I can send you them, will take me time to find masters on Computer and copy them, but will be virus/bug free.

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Posted 18 Apr 2016, 21:43 #15 

Thank you for the offer John, apologies for not reporting back sooner (not visited near for a while and I must have missed the email reply notification, last April was not a good month for me but back to as near normal as possible now).

I recently purchased a 2017 map update disc with V32 software, it upgraded to 1/101, and given that my drive had been running 1/100 before the issue I simply tried loading the 1/101 software.

And it worked and all is well :)

Except the usual POISoN issue of TMC messages and speed camera warnings causing the software to crash :( SO I shall look at getting help to update to 1/102 without camera alerts but with the other niceties such as night mode, cut-out pointer, better sky, easier menu access for perspective mode etc.

But the drive is OK, so I am happy.

Posted 18 Nov 2016, 00:12 #16