Is there any way to check interior wood by baconbuttyman

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Is there any way to check the interior wood (walnut :P :D :clap: or oak :hissyfit: ) from a trim code or vin number

SCF – Sandstone Beige

Paint Code HES. vin no SARRJSLPBYM113544
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Posted 07 Dec 2010, 19:08 #1 

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Seem to remember the steering wheels have a unique part number on them different for walnut etc :)
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Posted 07 Dec 2010, 19:58 #2 

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Now I'm not an expert on this, but from memory the real wood was only available in walnut. And looking at Rimmers, I reckon that the change to plastic takes place at VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) 238546 (Please don't take my word on this).

So from that VIN, it's an early real wood car, which must be walnut. (I reckon)

Anyone agree on this theory?

Not sure there's any other way to tell from the info you have, but the wheel should have a part number. And always remember, someone may have put an oak wheel in a walnut car, as they were relatively cheap at one point and looked OK.

Posted 07 Dec 2010, 19:58 #3