Insurance - this is interesting and annoying by PaulT


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Posted 19 Sep 2011, 10:00 #1 

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:evil: rip off merchants..

Posted 19 Sep 2011, 15:40 #2 

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mark d3
terrible,these blatant overcharges coupled with false claims effects each and every one of us

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Hmmm, there's a link there about insurers 'encouraging' claims. I believe I fell foul of that.
When my Octavia got a hole in the sump from a half brick hiding behind a speed hump I queried the best way to proceed with my insurers who said I could claim without risk as I was 'not at fault' so I did. They then sent an inspector who wrote the car off as "particles" could cause further problems. I wasn't allowed to buy the vehicle back.
When I purchased another vehicle of a similar spec I was charged a substantial premium for the final 4 months of my term. Since then no insurer will class my incident as a 'not at fault' one. They always insist that I was 'at fault'.
It's almost as if i was conned into being a higher risk.

Posted 23 Sep 2011, 23:52 #4