I said I wouldn't... by Mad-Monkey

...but I have! Traded the Merc for a new amg sport coupe. Ordered a couple of weeks ago and found out today its mine. Collection should be the 1st so I can have the new plate :)

Looking forward to the 7 speed tiptronic box offering around 60mpg!

Posted 18 Aug 2013, 16:22 #1 

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Sounds nice David, any pics ?

60mpg ! is that just the box or the whole car ?
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Posted 18 Aug 2013, 16:55 #2 

This is the only picture I have of the car. I'll take some more when I get it. 60mpg from the whole car and 204bhp :)

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Posted 18 Aug 2013, 17:02 #3 

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Bermudan 75
Dave, tell the truth, your new mode of transport is on the roof of the car in the background of the picture. :lol:



Posted 18 Aug 2013, 17:09 #4 

Actually thats new Mercedes technology to increase mpg :)

Posted 18 Aug 2013, 17:17 #5 

Very nice, but I thought you wanted a ZT?

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Posted 19 Aug 2013, 16:47 #6 

Well erm... this is the thing... I'm rather impulsive lol the salesman made another super deal which was hard to resist. Still might get a zt prices are still falling.

Posted 19 Aug 2013, 20:58 #7 

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I've been driving a Merc again today, at work. Only round the yard, mind.

Posted 21 Aug 2013, 19:03 #8 

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Nice car, David.

Duncan wrote:round the yard

Clockwise or anticlockwise? :mrgreen:

Posted 21 Aug 2013, 19:42 #9 

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Clockwise or anticlockwise?

Both. It has to work in both directions.

Posted 21 Aug 2013, 20:44 #10