I'm coming to seriously hate Netgear products by Duncan

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I used to like them. I had an ADSL modem router and it just worked, but then one day it wouldn't sync anymore.

So I bought a newer version. It crashed, wouldn't reset properly, and was a pain in the proverbial for two years. Then I got offered another for a price I couldn't refuse, and it's been much better, apart from resetting when you try to send big files too fast, and randomly overnight.

During the day today, it's died altogether, so I'm back on the unreliable one until I get something else, which will NOT be Netgear.

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We have a Belkin....never had any problems at all with it....it just works. :thumbsup:

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I have all Netgear stuff and all works great - but have it for a few years now

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I also use Netgear - because it came highly recommended by my technically minded son-in-law. Not had a problem . . .

. . . yet :?

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I have to say that I'm moving away from Netgear, in favour of D-Link. Not so much owing to reliability, but more to do with their abysmal tech support :(

Their ReadyNAS Duo being a case in point. Their support strategy seems to be to direct you to a forum where the level of geekiness is such as to make it impossible to glean any information without knowing a whole lexicon of meaningless TLAs as a sort of rite of passage to prove your 'leetness'.

Their manuals are either so sketchy as to be useless, woefully inaccurate, or non existent, forcing you to search the net for answers.

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I guess it comes down to the individual models.

The worst one I ever had any experience of was a Belkin my Dad bought for himself. Out of the box it needed a firmware update before you could even connect to the internet. But then as it wouldn't connect, how could you get the download? Obviously improved themselves since then.

I bought a Dlink myself and the wireless was ropey, so when a Netgear came my way for a good price I was well impressed. 2 years absolutely faultless, but then died one day. I thought about replacing with the same model, but it was wireless G, and N was now available, Big mistake. That new netgear one was flaky as hell even with the latest firmware, and the one that's just died was a similar age / version though not identical and was better until it died a death today.

So just ordered myself a Draytek. Seem to get pretty good reports, but we'll see when it arrives Saturday.

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Well after getting seriously irritated over the weekend, and even being late for the Nano, have realised there's nothing wrong with the new router.

I use a dynamic DNS service to point to my photo server, mail server and so on. Set them all up on my new router with the required forwarding, but it was very intermittent, so I was convinced something was wrong.

Turns out that trying to look up something on my own network via it's internet URL is called loopback. Most routers don't support it although the old one did, so everything is working fine from the outside, and from the inside if I use the IP address.

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......and that is progress Duncan.....

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