I have a lickle Noise.. by ceedy

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My ZT135 dizzle Auto.
Actually got 2 little noises.. my my dodgy hearing I can only hear either of them when the near side windows are open :roll: but the family hear them all the time :shock:

Both have been with me for a long while . :em: :-D

Noise 1 ..
It only appears when I go over a pothole or similar. its something like a a metallic clink. Just get the once each time . Can tell if its back or Front .
Been under a wiggled lots but can't find anything loose.. thought it was the Heatshield but nope!

Noise 2
This one is very much like a Woodpecker in the distance :-D , almost muffled but that sort of noise.
I can only hear it start at about 30mph, definatley at 40-50, and above 50 its definately there .

The frequency of the tapping does not change with speed changes it just gets a bit louder .
Seems most likely suspension related with the road surface undulations affecting it ??

Anyone had anything similar


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Posted 27 Sep 2012, 09:11 #1 

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I had the same for noise number one and it happened to be the little bar (I don't know what it is called) that goes across the caliper and brake pads had popped out.

Posted 28 Sep 2012, 16:13 #2