How to drive on a snowy road ... by Jürgen

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... as long as it isn't a public road of course. ;)
It looks like this guy had fun doing it. :lol:

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Posted 10 Feb 2012, 10:01 #1 

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When I win the Euromillions I'm going to buy a Formula car, a snow machine and a Nurburgring.....

I had the lap record for a while round here in the Hyundai 2.7 coupe...

..Gran Turismo!

Posted 10 Feb 2012, 10:09 #2 

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:lol: good game Gran Turismo.
brill bit of film too

Posted 10 Feb 2012, 16:26 #3 

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That looked a lot of fun! Don't think I would have liked driving that fast on the straights myself though - knowing my luck I'd plant it straight in the armco :( :-?

Posted 10 Feb 2012, 19:10 #4 

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Some people have all the fun! What I would give to do such a thing too.

This one also seems to have good fun too:
I miss you a lot Samarkand!

Posted 10 Feb 2012, 19:30 #5 

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That looks like a lot of fun Majed. :)
I'll probably watch that again.

Posted 13 Feb 2012, 12:46 #6