how do you opperate the diesel preheater ? by dean

hi i have just brought a Rover 75 Tourer cdti, which has a diesel preheater. I have no information as to how this works, It also appears to be un pluged. I have tried plugging in both of the connectors, it makes a fan noice and cuts out for about a min, then starts again.
Does anyone have any ideas as to the probelem, and how to operate it.
Thanks Dean

Posted 26 Feb 2012, 21:47 #1 

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If its working right, it operates automatically. If the air temp is cold enough, it starts up when you start the engine.

However, it sounds like yours is starting on its own and thats why its unplugged. This is usually due to a damaged PCB (Printed Circuit Board). I beleive the PCBs are repairable, but I'm not sure how this is done. Hopefully someone else will have some guidance on this.

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There a chap called French Mike whom repairs them you have to send them off to him also take a look at this ... p?t=100351

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